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If you would like to learn how to diffuse high conflict situations, simple but powerful negotiation strategies, or how to disarm a narcissist, download this effective guide today.

    Fort Collins Mediator

    Hello! I’m Liz

    I’m a mother, divorce mediator and coach, and transformational conflict coach.

    After going through a traumatic divorce after a 20-year marriage, experiencing intense anxiety and fear, and spending tens of thousands of dollars, I had a revelation: it didn’t have to be that way. Because I didn’t want anyone else to have to experience that, I made it my mission to help people work through conflict in a straightforward, results-oriented way that helps them avoid prohibitively expensive litigation and unnecessary anxiety. I’ve helped hundreds of people avoid the court system with an average success rate of 70%, and save thousands of dollars in legal fees.

    Conflict Resolution Works for Everyone!

    It takes diversity of thought, culture, background, and perspective to create an environment where people can truly speak and be heard.

    OSM acknowledges the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals. We are committed to supporting a diverse and inclusive community that honors the experiences, heritages, and traditions of everyone, regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity or Veteran status.

    We believe that when we embrace the full spectrum of humanity, regardless of what we look like, where we come from, or who we love, we have the best chance of reducing conflict and increasing peace and prosperity.

    Fort Collins Mediator

    How We Can Help

    Divorce Mediation

    As a divorce mediator in Fort Collins, I bring compassion, intelligence, & humor to my work. I am unbiased, help couples see the “big picture,” & guide them through the divorce process from start to end.

    Divorce/Conflict Coaching

    Liz helps couples and individuals communicate better, manage conflict, navigate strong emotions, and manage expectations. Schedule a free 30-minute online consultation to see if divorce coaching is a good path forward for you.

    Online Workshops & Webinars

    Liz runs 2 monthly Divorce Support Groups for Men and Women, as well as a divorce education workshop for women. She also runs periodic workshops on other subjects as well.


    Separation mediation can cover a lot of ground and can achieve several different goals: whether it’s mediation to stay married (as in a therapeutic separation) or a legal separation, liz offers helps couples improve communication and find mutually satisfying outcomes.

    Fort Collins Mediator

    Divorce Coaching For High Conflict Divorces

    About 30% of divorces in the US involve parties who are classified as “high conflict.” This includes people with narcissistic personalities, bipolar disorder, or other personality disorders, and they tend to have these characteristics:

    • Preoccupation with blaming
    • All-or-nothing thinking
    • Unmanageable emotions
    • Extreme behavior

    And the divorce process only increases these behaviors. We specialize in High Conflict Divorces and have made it our mission to support those involved with high conflict individuals through legal services and empowering solutions. Book a consultation with us to learn more.

    Read our article on Managing High Conflict Dissolutions, recently published in the Colorado Lawyer.


    What our clients are saying

    David Simmental

    Owner, Simmental Law LLC

    I just got done mediating a Landlord-Tenant case with Liz Merrill. She did a great job and got our case settled within two hours. The video mediation was handled very professionally and without the drama that occur in too many mediations because Ms. Merrill kept the parties on track. My client and I were very pleased with the results and the process.

    Kevin Massaro

    Senior Associate Attorney at Pickard Law, PC

    I just finished mediating a tough case for the Turelli Foundation with Liz Merrill as my partner. Simply put, she gets it. Focused on the results, she capably guided two people in a difficult case toward resolution in artful fashion. She has a good, even demeanor and provided helpful information to the parties about their dilemma. Give her a try.

    Liz Walker

    Senior VP, Land Use Entitlements and Strategic Planning at Wireless Policy Group, LLC

    Liz generates participant buy-in by cultivating a sense of safety and comfort to deescalate conflict and move the parties towards resolution. She is able to bring parties to the table to create the space they need to design creative, flexible and ultimately sustainable solutions. Liz understands that scheduling should be easy and driven by the participant’s needs.

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